Setup IKEv2 service on Ubuntu 16.04

This article is simplified for a general purpose IKEv2 VPN proxy running on a freshly installed Ubuntu 16.04.

WoSign and StartCom Distrusted

WoSign and StartCom CA will be distrusted soon are distrusted by major browsers.

Recover from unbootable Linux

A quick note

Photograph the Milky Way at Cherry Springs State Park

A simple A* pathfinder

A simple A* pathfinder I wrote in JavaScript.

Simple automation in FFmpeg batch encoding

A simple Python script for automated conversion.

Another way to debug "File not found" on nginx+php-fpm

The mysterious File not found errors sometimes occur on complex nginx configurations, php-fpm workers only write a "Primary script unknown" message to stderr, thus the information for debugging is limited.

Setting up PPTP and OpenVPN Service on Ubuntu Linux

Use VPN to avoid network censorship / logging and stay secure on open wifi networks.

Moving Services to AWS

I started using Google Container Engine from July 2017, services no longer run on AWS.

Optimize your WordPress site for Chinese users

Since Google Fonts services are blocked in China, Chinese users may experience a very slow loading speed as many WordPress themes use Google Fonts.