Fix Redirections on GitHub Pages and CloudFront

For a website that uses GitHub Pages and CloudFront, users can end up at your original GH Pages hostname when it sends a 301 redirection.

Running Personal Projects on Kubernetes

Recently, I migrated the services of all my personal projects to Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.


Snow and sunlight

Setup IKEv2 service on Ubuntu 16.04

This article is simplified for a general purpose IKEv2 VPN proxy running on a freshly installed Ubuntu 16.04.

WoSign and StartCom Distrusted

WoSign and StartCom CA will be distrusted soon are distrusted by major browsers.

Recover from unbootable Linux

A quick note

Photograph the Milky Way at Cherry Springs State Park

A simple A* pathfinder

A simple A* pathfinder I wrote in JavaScript.

Simple automation in FFmpeg batch encoding

A simple Python script for automated conversion.

Another way to debug "File not found" on nginx+php-fpm

The mysterious File not found errors sometimes occur on complex nginx configurations, php-fpm workers only write a "Primary script unknown" message to stderr, thus the information for debugging is limited.